Best 8kg Washing Machines

A washing machine with an 8kg drum capacity is likely to fit either 3 to 4 large blankets, 40 shirts or a queen-size duvet. They’re ideal for medium-sized families or a small family with a heavy laundry load due to babies or young children.

It’s vital that the washing machine you choose matches your needs and has the right drum capacity for how much laundry you regularly produce. If a drum is overfilled or underfilled it’s likely not to clean your clothes effectively and it may be less efficient. Throughout a year, those small differences in water and energy usage can add up to higher costs. The exception to this is machines with a sensor function that adjusts the program to suit the weight of each load.

The most common washing machine drum capacities in the UK are 7kg and 8kg. However, most shops and online stores stock more 7kg options and 8kg machines can still be hard to find. To help you find an 8kg machine that’s really worth your time we’ve explored the market and chosen four that offer a range of features and exceptional value.

If you’re easily confused by the mass of features and program settings on modern machines, start by visiting our Guide to buying a washing machine. It will take you through each of the features you’re likely to find and help you decide which models are right for you.

In a hurry to know our overall top eco washing machine? We rank the AEG L6FBG841CA as the best 8kg washing machine in the UK. If you’re on a budget, we recommend the Logik L814WM20.

Best 8kg Washing Machines UK

The following are our top picks for the best 8kg washing machines available in the UK.

No 1: AEG L6FBG841CA

AEG L6FBG841CA Best 8kg Washing Machines

AEG L6FBG841CA Model Specification

Price (£) 543
Energy rating B
Water usage (litres) 10000
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Quick wash,  ProSense, Anti-allergy
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)60 x (D)63
AEG L6FBG841CA 8kg Washing Machine
AEG flies under the radar at times, but there’s no denying its German engineering and craftsmanship are worth investigating. For about a century now, the company has been manufacturing quality washing machines with the 8kg AutoDose L6FBG841CA among its recent flagship releases.

It’s been awarded an efficiency rating of B and comes with a decent 1400rpm maximum spin speed for quicker drying times. The highlight feature is the AutoDose technology which protects your clothes and keeps them soft. Inside the drum are intelligent sensors that recognise the type of fabrics and automatically calculate and dispense the perfect amount of detergent and softener. It also adjusts the cycle’s length to ensure your laundry comes out spotless whilst saving power and water.

In addition to a wool/silk cycle, you get a high-temperature anti-allergy programme (handy for the flu season), bed linen and duvet wash for those bulky beddings and a sports cycle to help with your kids PE kits.

Our one slight niggle is in the noise department. It puts out 75dB during the high spin which may be too loud for some. The good news though is its wash cycle is a lot quieter at just 51dB.

If you need a great value 8kg machine that keeps your clothes looking as good as new and is kind on your utility bills, the AEG L6FBG841CA should be on your shortlist!

Buy the AEG L6FBG841CA

No 2: Samsung WW80M645OPM/EU

Samsung WW80M645OPM/EU - Best 8kg Washing Machines

Samsung WW80M645OPM/EU Model Specification

Price (£) 749
Energy rating A+++ (Old rating system)
Water usage (litres) 8100
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Quick wash,  easy iron, sports
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)60 x (D)60
Samsung WW80M645OPM/EU 8kg Washing Machine
Samsung washing machines are undeniably among the best in the market. The WW80M645OPM is another washer you can rely upon to deliver the goods!

You get a wide array of programmes including cotton, baby clothes, wool, and eco drum clean+ for starters. The latter helps to keep the inside of your drum clean for optimal wash performance.

This model is from Samsung’s Ecobubble range and it’s A+++ rated for energy efficiency. It uses an estimated 116kW/year and has numerous features designed to keep costs down.

Another area where this model excels in is water consumption where it uses just 8100 litres a year! This is attributed to the Ecobubble technology which mixes detergents, air and water to create bubbles. The result is quicker penetration of water and detergents and excellent wash results even at lower temperatures.

The innovative AddWash function lets you open the door and quickly drop extras mid-cycle; whether that’s a stray sock you just found on the stairs or a delicate blouse that only needs a quick rinse.

In summary, if you’re looking for a well-built washer that operates silently and doesn’t put a lot of stress on your utility bills, this makes an excellent choice!

Buy the Samsung WW80M645OPM/EU

No 3: Samsung WW80TA046AE/EU

Samsung WW80TA046AE/EU Model Specification

Price (£) 379
Energy rating B
Water usage (litres) 8100
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Anti-allergy, bubble soak
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)60 x (D)55
Samsung WW80TA046AE/EU 8kg Washing Machine
The Ecobubble WW80TA046AE/EU is everything you would expect from a Samsung washing machine. It is compact, efficient, comes with advanced tech features and a stylish finish.

With 1400rpm maximum spin speed and 14 wash programmes, you will be getting a versatile washer that can comfortably serve a family of 3-4 people. A contemporary white and black look adds to the appeal; however, it’s the performance that truly makes this washer worth the money!

Like most other Samsung’s high-end models, the WW80TA046AE/EU uses a brushless and digital inverter motor. With it, you get quieter operation, more water and energy efficiency and enviable longevity. The impressive B energy rating and the company’s Ecobubble technology mean you won’t need to worry much about bulging utility bills.

Overall, WW80TA046AE/EU has proved you don’t have to spend a fortune to get an excellent washer! Sure it’s not quite a budget machine, but you’re getting terrific value for money. Samsung sweetens the deal even further with a 5-year guarantee!

Buy the Samsung WW80TA046AE/EU

Best Budget: Logik L814WM20

Logik L814WM20 Best 8kg Washing Machines

Logik L814WM20 Model Specification

Price (£) 209.99
Energy rating D
Water usage (litres) 10224
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Quick wash, anti-allergy, sports
Dimensions (cm) (H)84.5 x (W)59.7 x (D)52.7
Logik L814WM20 8kg Washing Machine
Curry’s Logik range of washing machines are known to be reasonably priced and their L814WM20 is no different. Despite it’s D energy rating looking relatively low, it still only consumes about 194kWh per year. This works out at about £30 using 15.5p as a weighted average per hour. However, it uses 10,224 litres annually which is higher than the more expensive options on this list.

As well as its incredible price, L814WM20 comes with several exciting features and functions. You get 15 programmes including wool, anti-allergy, cotton and sports. And if you’re in a hurry, the Rapid 15 will wash up to 2kg of laundry in cold water in just 15 minutes!

We also like that Logik allows you to adjust the spin speed (up to 1400rpm) and temperature of nearly all programmes, which is quite rare for models at this price point. There’s also a 24-hour delay timer and a child lock function to prevent tiny hands from messing up with settings on its large LED screen.

Overall, whilst not the cheapest to run in terms of water and energy bills, it’s undoubtedly the best 8kg washing machine for the money!

Buy the Logik L814WM20


If you’re not sure if you need the larger drum capacity of an 8kg washing machine take your time to work out what size you need. Look at the amount of laundry you’ve done in the last month. How much was there and how often did you need to do it? This way you can be certain that if you pay a little extra for a larger drum, it’s because you really need it.