Best cheap washer dryer

Best Cheap Washer Dryers

Buying a single machine to handle both the washing and drying may seem like a no-brainer, but washer dryers often come with an extra-large price-tag to match. However, if you know where to look there are some budget machines available.

To ensure that you get excellent value for money as well as a bargain, we’ve gone through all the budget models in the UK to find the best. We’ve whittled it down to the five that we think provide impressive functionality, good build quality and have a few handy extra features.

When you’re on a budget you can expect to get a decent machine, but you may need to make a few sacrifices. With washer dryers, the trade-off tends to be in their overall energy efficiency and water usage. To get a better price now, you may have slightly increased bills in the long run. Although this isn’t ideal, each of these machines has more than enough extras and useful features to balance out the downsides and sweeten the deal.

In a hurry to know our overall top cheap washer dryer? We rank the Beko WDK742421W as the best washer dryer in the UK if you’re on a budget.

Best Cheap Washer Dryers Available in the UK

Here are our top five picks based on factors including water and energy economy, price, wash/dry capacity and special features:

No 1: Beko WDK742421W

Beko WDK742421W - Best Washer Dryers

Beko WDK742421W Model Specification

Price (£) 320
Energy rating B
Water usage (wash, spin, dry) (litres) 17800
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Load capacity (wash/dry) (kg) 7/5
Special programmes Quick wash, Anti-allergy, Wash & Wear
Dimensions (cm) (H)84 x (W)60 x (D)50
Beko WDK742421W Washer Dryer
The Beko WDK742421W is the ultimate time-saver, thanks to its ability to wash a full 7kg load in less than half an hour! It has a medium-sized 7kg wash and a 5kg dry capacity, making it more than capable of handling a regular load for most medium to large families.

It’s also one of the more technologically advanced machines on our list. For instance, it allows you to control the wash cycles via Bluetooth from anywhere in the house. Besides, it comes with a brushless ProSmart Inverter Motor, making it one of the quietest combos and a perfect fit for open plan living.

Its sensor drying technology means it can measure moisture in the laundry drum and automatically stop the ongoing cycle when the optimal dryness level is reached. This not only helps to bring power costs down but also protects your laundry from overheat damage.

A few wash cycles that caught our attention included the rapid Wash & Wear programme which allows you to wash and dry up to 2kg load (or about five shirts/blouses) in 60 minutes. Its SteamCure function cuts time spent hand ironing by adding steam at the end of the cycle to reduce creases. If you suffer from sensitive skin or are allergic to pet dust and pollen, the Anti-Allergy Wash & Dry programme will be a huge relief for you!

If you’re looking for a sleek and quiet combo that’s packed with extra features and can save you money and time, you won’t find a better fit than the Beko WDK742421W.

Buy the Beko WDK742421W

No 2: Indesit IWDC6125S

Indesit IWDC6125S- Best Washer Dryers

Indesit IWDC6125S Model Specification

Price (£) 293
Energy rating B
Water usage (wash, spin, dry) (litres) 17000
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Load capacity (wash/dry) (kg) 6/5
Special programmes Express wash & dry, Easy iron, Jeans
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)59.5 x (D)53.5

Indesit IWDC6125S Washer Dryer
The IWDC6125S is a fantastic washer dryer that offers excellent value for money. It’s a freestanding machine comes with a striking silver finish that’s sure to complement any modern kitchen.

It has a 6kg wash and 5kg drying load, making it a good fit for small households of 1-3 people. Its 16 wash programmes mean you always have the perfect match for any fabric, from your heaviest jumpers to delicates or baby clothes.

Speaking of programmes, there are a couple of special options that stand out for us: The Sports Cycle is designed to give your non-iron, hard-wearing sportswear a thorough wash in just 45 minutes. But that’s not all for fitness enthusiasts. Its Special Shoes cycle cleans your trainers spotlessly in an hour so you can be ready for the next challenge!

Now onto the performance.

The Indesit IWDC6125S has a decent 1200 rpm spin rate to help you spend as little time and energy as possible in the dryer cycle. Its washing performance is rated A, thanks to the 16 programmes we mentioned earlier. A 3-level intuitive sensor system inside the drum monitors moisture levels and automatically stops the cycle when clothes are dry. It also features variable spin speed and a 24-hour delay timer.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a Quick Wash function. However, the Express Wash and Dry cycle which lasts just 45 minutes is a near-perfect substitute when you’re in a hurry.

Overall, the Indesit IWDC6125S washer/dryer is a great choice for a couple or a small family.

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No 3: Indesit IWDC6125

Indesit IWDC6125 Best Washer Dryer

­­­­Indesit IWDC6125 Model Specification

Price (£) 278
Energy rating B
Water usage (wash, spin, dry) (litres) 17000
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Load capacity (wash/dry) (kg) 6/5
Special programmes Express wash & dry, Sports shoes, Coloureds
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)59.5 x (D)53.5
Indesit IWDC6125 Washer Dryer
Yes, you read that correctly. Indesit has another washer dryer that closely resembles the model we just reviewed. The IWDC6125 has nearly the same features as its sister, the IWDC6125S.

For starters, the space-saving machine has a 1200 rpm spin speed, 6kg washing/ 5kg drying capacity and a sensor drying technology. So what differentiates them and why should you buy this one?

Top of the billing is that it costs less to buy without compromising much on vital features. We like that Indesit added most of its signature wash programmes including three specialised cycles for sports items. There is also a wash for silk and other delicates and an intensive programme for dealing with your most soiled laundry items.

It also has the excellent Express wash and dry programme, a handy 12-hour delay timer and a feature that lets you select your ideal moisture level at which to automatically stop the dryer.

Disappointingly, you only get a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee and the control dials are quite flimsy. But, for a combo that costs less than £300, we’re happy to look past these small imperfections.

Buy the Indesit IWDC6125

No 4: Indesit IWDD7143S

Indesit IWDD7143S Best Washer Dryer

Indesit IWDD7143S Model Specification

Price (£) 333
Energy rating B
Water usage (wash, spin, dry) (litres) 22440
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (wash/dry) (kg) 7/5
Special programmes Quick wash, Easy iron, Sports
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)59.5 x (D)53.5
Indesit IWDD7143S Washer Dryer
Very few brands can beat Indesit when it comes to inexpensive kitchen appliances. Evidence? The IWDD7143S model is the company’s third machine to feature on our best cheap washer dryers’ list.

You might pay a little more for this great-value dual-function model, but the upshot is a bigger wash load capacity, faster spin speed and more features. Featuring a 7kg wash and 5kg dry load drum capacity, this model offers plenty of room for every medium-sized household. You can choose from a plethora of wash programmes to clean and keep your clothes looking spotless.

It comes with a powerful 1400rpm spin speed to significantly cut down your laundry’s drying time. If you couple this with its brilliant auto-sensor drying feature, you’ll be looking at a machine that leaves your outfits ready to be worn or put straight in the wardrobe!

The interactive LCD lets you track the time remaining and adjust the spin speed. The 24-hour delay timer allows you to delay cycles to suit your schedule or coincide with off-peak electricity tariff hours.

On the downside, IWDD7143S is rated B for energy efficiency with Indesit estimating its annual consumption to be about 266kWh (wash only) and up to 1064kWh (wash + dry). This works out at an annual cost of £40.96 and £163.86 respectively which doesn’t sound good if you’re aiming to keep your expenses low.

Other than that, this is a suitable choice if you’re looking for a reasonably cheap combo that can handle laundry for a medium-sized family!

Buy the Indesit IWDD7143S

No 5: Candy GVSW485D

Candy GVSW485D - Best Washer Dryer

Candy GVSW485D Model Specification

Price (£) 329
Energy rating A
Water usage (wash, spin, dry) (litres) 24000
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (wash/dry) (kg) 8/5
Special programmes Quick wash, Hygiene+, Steam function
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)60 x (D)54
Candy GVSW485D Washer Dryer
Candy might not be the first brand that springs to mind when white goods are mentioned, but that hasn’t stopped its budget GVSW485D model from shining. The 8kg wash/ 5kg dry washer dryer comes with impressive credentials including an ‘A’ energy rating and an unbelievable price!

For less than £330, you get a freestanding machine with a sleek design, lots of intelligent tech features and excellent water and energy economy. The wash programmes, of which there are 15, include three fast wash cycles to save on time and power on your little soiled garments. There is also a Hygiene+ cycle to eliminate all germs and allergens from your laundry using high temperatures. A couple other notable special programmes are anti-crease and easy iron function.

GVSW485D uses the Smart Touch technology to allow NFC-enabled smartphones to send commands to the washer via Candy’s Simpli-Fi App. We found this to be quite an advanced function considering the machine’s modest price tag.

Its 3D Dynamic Wash System, combined with a unique drum design helps save water whilst giving your laundry a thorough clean regardless of the soiling level. There’s also a system of sensors that weighs each load and automatically adjusts the cycle settings. This way, every cycle uses the perfect amount of energy, water and detergents to minimise wastage.

There a couple of shortcomings to expect when using this A-rated washer. For starters, it puts out about 82dB during high spins, which is quite noisy even for one that can reach 1400rpm. Some users have also complained about the build quality and the LED display being a tad too basic.

All in all, the GVSW485D model is a steal if you consider its excellent economy, brilliant wash performance and initial outlay!

Buy the Candy GVSW485D


When you’re on a budget, you’ll likely need to weigh up your priorities and make a few compromises but you can still expect to get a great deal. This list has been put together to save you time and to help you find the washer dryer that meets your needs and offers exceptional value.