Best Cheap Washing Machines

If you’re looking for a cheap washing machine, you’re likely to be spoilt for choice. Many brands do one or two budget models that can be snapped up for less than £200. However, to make them so affordable, they often cut back on useful features, build quality, spin speed and economy.

We’ve trawled through all the bargains and narrowed them down to just five. Each machine on this list is cheap but also offers incredible value for money. We don’t have WiFi-controlled super-machines that adjust the settings automatically according to the weight of each load, but they will get the job done to a high standard. They’re well-built, reliable and have enough built-in programmes and extra features to meet all your laundry needs.

If you’re easily confused by the mass of buttons, dials and spin settings, start by visiting our Guide to buying a washing machine. It will take you through each of the features you’re likely to find on a modern machine and help you decide which models are right for you.

In a hurry to know our overall top cheap washing machine? We rank the Logik L814WM16 as the best washing machine in the UK if you’re on a budget.

Best cheap washing machines available in the UK

Here are our picks for the top five washing machines under £200 based on price, programmes, economy and capacity.

No 1: Logik L814WM16

Best cheap washing machines Logik L814WM16

Logik L814WM16 model details

Price (£) 190
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 10780
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Anti-allergy, Baby care, Easy ironing
Dimensions (cm) H(85) x W(59.5) x D(56.5)
Logik L814WM16
The Logik label is Currys own brand of affordable electronic products, and includes the popular model L814WM16 washing machine. But don’t let the low price fool you; its performance is comparable to many top rated machines.

This washer has a max load capacity of 8kg; that’s just enough to launder for 3-5 people. It also boasts an impressive A+++ energy rating with Logik estimating it to consume about 195kWh annually based on standard usage. Put into perspective, it costs you around £32 on electricity per year, which is pretty decent for the convenience it offers you.

There are 16 programmes to choose from, with four expressly designed for cotton washes. Cotton is generally more sensitive to temperature and can fade quickly. This makes the 20°C, 40°C, 60°C and Intensive cycles welcome options for people whose wardrobes are cotton heavy.

Logik’s Express 15 programme can wash a 2kg load in 15 minutes. We also like that all 16 programmes can handle the full load capacity thanks to the powerful motor spinning at 1400 RPM. Impressively, this washer consumes only about 30 liters for small loads and 40 liters for full-load washes.

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No 2: Indesit IWC71252

Indesit IWC71252 model details

Price (£) 180
Energy rating A++
Water usage (litres) 9000
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Load capacity (kg) 7
Special programmes Quick wash, Hand wash cycle, Cotton Cycle
Dimensions (cm) H(85) x W(59.5) x D(51.7)
Indesit IWC71252
The IWC71252 by Indesit is a low-cost 7kg washing machine suitable for households of 2-4 people. We were impressed with its timeless white finish and the inclusion of several features that you’d expect to find on more expensive models.

As standard it has a foam control system, adjustable spin speed and automatic load balancing. The latter, which Indesit refers to as Water Balance Plus technology, is an innovative water-saving feature that automatically determines how much water each cycle needs.

This freestanding model also comes with a great range of programmes to help you care for different types of clothing. Whether you’re looking to wash those tough jeans, remove grass stains from your child’s sports kit or wash your bulky bedding, this machine has the setting to get the job done.

Rated A++ for energy efficiency, this is a machine that will help you save on power bills and protect the environment. Its spin speed of up to 1200rpm is also a big plus to shorten the time it takes for your laundry to dry.

If you like to plan ahead, the start delay feature will allow you to set a timer so your load finished when it is convenient for you. Finally, Indesit offers a 10-year parts guarantee, which shows the faith they have in their product.

We highly recommend this model if you’re looking for a value machine that doesn’t compromise on looks, features and tech.

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Bush WMNB712EW

Bush WMNB712EW model details

Price (£) 190
Energy rating A++
Water usage (litres) 10337
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Load capacity (kg) 7
Special programmes Quick Wash, Intensive Cycle, Overflow Protection
Dimensions (cm) H(84.0) x W(59.7) x D(52.7)
Bush WMNB712EW
Bush has never quite made it to ‘household name’ status, but the WMNB712EW is one of the best cheap washing machines around. For starters, it features 15 wash programmes, including one for delicate baby clothes and another for stained sports kits. But that’s not all.

The machine is rated A++ for energy efficiency and has an estimated annual consumption of 195kWh. It’s super-slimline with a depth of 52.7cm, which is ideal if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. Despite its small frame, it can still wash loads of up to 7kg, making it an excellent fit for a couple or a small family.

The spin speed can reach 1200rpm, which is decent enough to remove excess water from your laundry for quicker line drying. You also get a 15-minute quick wash function, which will come in handy when you’re in a hurry!

Other features we like are the child lock to keep your wash settings safe from small hands. Also, the overflow protection will let you rest easy if you prefer leaving your washer working through the night or when away at work.

A couple of downsides to keep in mind are that Bush only offer a 1-year guarantee on parts and the estimated annual water consumption is relatively high at 10337 litres. Other than that, the Bush WMNB712EW is an excellent washing machine and well worth checking out!

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Beko WTK84011W

Beko WTK84011W model details

Price (£) 270
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 9899
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Quick 30°, Drum clean, spin + drain
Dimensions H(84) x W(60) x D(59)


Beko WTK84011W
Beko has been quietly gaining a foothold in the washing machine space and among its latest low-priced releases is the WTK84011W model. The washer, which can effectively clean a full 8kg load in under half an hour, is sure to change how you do your laundry.

One of its standout features is the DrumClean Programme that helps to keep it hygienic at all times. It does this by self-cleaning at 70°C, which is high enough to kill most bacteria and remove dirt build-up.

It’s rated A+++ for energy usage while it also comes with a 1400 rpm spin speed, which is incredible for such a low-priced machine. It automatically adjusts water levels, putting less strain on the spinning motor and reducing energy consumption.

Beko also adds a child safety lock to prevent your explorative young ones from making any changes to the settings when in use. The exterior of this model is impressive and features a large LED display that lets you monitor progress.

At 72db during the high-spin cycle, it’s among the noisiest washers in this list. But, all in all, you get a lot of value with this Beko model.

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Logik L814WM20

Logik L814WM20 model details

Price (£) 200
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 10224
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Anti-allergy, Sports wear, child lock
Dimensions H(84.5) x W(59.7) x D(52.7)


Logik L814WM20
Once again, Logik features as one of the best washing machines under £200 with its L814WM20 model. The 8kg capacity washer is roomy enough to clean up to 40 shirts or one double-duvet, which makes it a good fit for family households.

Seeing this washer for the first time will leave you doubting its price tag. The premium white finish, coupled with a large LED display, makes it look much more expensive. It also comes with a  time indicator so you can monitor your load.

The 24-hour delay timer gives enormous flexibility for busy families or couples. You can choose from 15 preset programmes, including Allergy Safe which removes all washing powder residues and most skin irritants. Finally, the child lock feature helps to stop any curious hands from interfering with your wash settings.

If you’re looking for a budget washer with a fancy digital screen and multiple programmes for your small family, the Logik L814WM20 is hard to beat.

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When you’re on a budget, it’s natural to think that you’ll end up with something cheap and plasticky that only turns on and off. The reality is that you can get some genuinely great deals, but you have to look around and do your research.

Once you’ve realised just how much you can get for less than £200, you’ll never want to spend more. Each of these machines offers excellent functionality as well as a few mod cons to keep you at the cutting edge of the latest laundry tech.