Best Eco Washing Machines

Eco washing machines can have a significant effect on your bills and reduce your environmental impact. Each of those selected for this list has been designed to work efficiently on less electricity and less water. Some of them also include additional functions and programs that produce excellent results while using fewer resources.

The average washing machine uses about 21,000 litres of water annually, but if you choose carefully, you can get some that use almost half that amount. Machines that use less electricity can be identified by their energy efficiency rating. This is a score that can range from G at it’s lowest to A+++ at its highest.

Most modern washing machines are rated between A+ and A+++. However, even at such a high level of efficiency, there can be a massive difference. The UK’s Energy Saving Trust says that if you swap your A+ machine for one with an A+++ rating, you’re likely to save £65 on electricity over its lifetime.

In a hurry to know our overall top eco washing machine? We rank the Samsung WW10M86DQOO as the best eco washing machine in the UK and the Hoover DXOA68LW3 if you’re on a budget.

Best Eco Washing Machines Available in the UK

Here are our picks for the top four eco washing machines based on energy efficiency rating, annual water usage and relevant programmes or functions.

No 1: Samsung WW10M86DQOO

Best Eco Washing Machine Samsung WW10M86DQOO

Samsung WW10M86DQOO Model Details

Price (£) 1200
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 11000
Spin speed (rpm) 1600
Load capacity (kg) 10
Special programmes Super Eco Wash, Eco Drum Clean, Auto Optimal Wash
Dimensions (cm) H(85) x W(60) x D(60)
Samsung WW10M86DQOO
Samsung has recently released a new line of washing machines with technology they call QuickDrive™. This game-changing innovation improves wash efficiency and can reduce washing times by up to 50 percent without compromising on cleaning performance.

The Samsung  WW10M86DQOO has a load capacity of 10kg, which means you can wash up to 50 shirts in one go. It comes with the highest 1600 rpm spin and consumes a measly 119kWh a year based on 220 standard washes which has earned it an energy rating of A+++. On water economy, this model only uses 11000 litres which is incredibly efficient for a washer this large.

It also boasts of several extra features:

Ecobubble technology – This is designed to wash at a lower temperature whilst still offering effective results. It does this by mixing air, detergents and water to create bubbles that penetrate deep into fabrics to tackle the most stubborn of stains. The upshot is lower power bills and shorter wash times.

Four-sensor Auto Optimal Wash technology – The WW10M86DQOO can adjust the water and time needed to complete a cycle based on the weight and soiling of the load. This ensures minimal wastage of water, detergents and energy.

Connect App – This is Samsung’s Wi-Fi control system that lets users operate their appliance remotely via a smartphone.

Samsung includes a 5-year guarantee (and 10 years on motor) which is pretty solid! You will have to pay a premium for these top features, but it’s well worth it given the incredible efficiency and low running costs.

Buy Samsung WW10M86DQOO

No 2: Candy CBWM814DC

CBWM814DC Best Eco Washing Machines

Candy CBWM814DC Model Details

Price (£) 350
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 9850
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Eco Wash, Quick Wash, Half Load
Dimensions (cm) H(82) x W(59.6) x (D(57)


Candy CBWM814DC
If you’re looking for an affordable family-size washing machine with excellent energy efficiency, it’s hard to beat the Candy CBWM 814DC.

This A+++ 8kg fully integrated washing machine is one of the truest indications that Candy is serious about making a name for themselves in the UK market. It uses only about 196kW/year and its estimated annual water consumption rate of 9850 litres is among the best you will find among comparable models.

The CBWM814DC comes with a whopping 17 wash programmes including three quick wash cycles (14, 30 and 44 minutes) for days when you want to save time and energy on lightly soiled laundry. There is also a dedicated baby cycle designed to remove those stubborn stains whilst leaving behind no detergent residues that can irritate delicate skin.

This appliance has an automatic weight sensor that adjusts the amount of water based on each individual load. This ensures that you always get the most efficient wash possible. You can also manually adjust the spin speed, a handy feature for those winter days when you want to cut drying time.

The Candy CBWM814DC puts out 77Db during high-spin which is at the top end of what you’d expect from modern machines. Finally, you get 10-year parts and 1-year labour guarantee.

If you can handle the noise and are ready to spend a bit more on power but save big on the initial outlay, this appliance could be a great fit for you!

Buy Candy CBWM814DC

No 3: Candy Rapido RO14116DWHCB

Candy Rapido RO14116DWHCB Eco Washing Machine

Candy Rapido RO14116DWHCB Model Details

Price (£) 399
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 12300
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 11
Special programmes Economy Wash, Quick Wash, Easy Iron Function
Dimensions (cm) H(85) x W(60) x D(62)
Candy Rapido RO14116DWHCB
Candy makes yet another appearance in our list of best eco washing machines with its inventive Rapido RO14116DWHCB model. This freestanding Wi-Fi enabled washer comes with some of the latest technologies to help you save time and energy.

For starters, the speedy 11kg machine packs 16 wash programmes, out of which nine are designed for quick wash cycles. Notably, there are three Eco Saving wash cycles to help you clean lightly soiled clothes in as little as 14 minutes. But what impressed us the most was its ability to clean a full load within 59 minutes, all thanks to the exceptional Speed Drive Inverter Motor technology.

You can also connect to the washer via the Simply Fi app available on Android smartphones. This way, you can choose and monitor the progress of your cycles even when you’re away from home. This function also means that you can update your machine with the latest wash programmes straight from Candy. Two of the latest are Masks Sanitization and Masks Refresh to help you keep your facemasks clean and fresh.

There is a KG mode which automatically weighs the load of the cycle and adjusts time, spin speed and temperature needed to clean your laundry. The Stain Level mode adjusts the lathering and level of intensity depending on how soiled your load is.

Candy estimates its annual energy consumption to be 157kW; however, the water consumption isn’t quite as efficient at about 12300 litres annually. Overall, this eco-friendly machine is a great fit for large families looking for an advanced washing machine without spending much on the initial cost and continuing energy bills.

Buy Candy Rapido RO14116DWHCB

Best Budget: Hoover DXOA68LW3

Hoover DXOA68LW3 Washing Machine

Hoover DXOA68LW3 Model Details

Price (£) 280
Energy rating (kWh) A+++
Water usage (litres) 10500
Spin speed (rpm) 1600
Load capacity (kg) 8
Special programmes Eco Wash, Quick Wash, Hygiene+
Dimensions (cm) H(85) x W(60) x D(54)
Hoover DXOA68LW3
Got a family of three or four? Looking for a budget washing machine with higher capacity that’s still economical on water and energy consumption? Then check the A+++ rated Hoover DXOA68LW3.

It has a load capacity of 8kg and wide front access for easier loading and unloading of even bulky items like blankets and duvets. It also comes with a multitude of great features too! For starters, you get 15 different wash programmes which include a 14-minute quick wash and three equally rapid wash options for a thorough clean in under an hour.

You also get a Stain Level Option that lets you choose an appropriate cycle depending on the level of soiling. And if you have a baby or are prone to allergies, the Hygiene+ programme will be a welcome feature as very few germs and allergens can survive in its 90C heat.

The DXOA68LW3 has a maximum spin speed of 1600 rpm which means less leftover moisture after a wash and consequently minimal time at the tumble dryer. Other impressive features are the automatic load balancing technology, Wi-Fi capabilities via the Hoover Wizard App and variable spin and temperature settings. It also comes with only 1-year labour warranty which is the statutory minimum for these kinds of appliances.

Buy the Hoover DXOA68LW3


When you’re choosing your perfect washing machine you may not realise the importance of the energy efficiency rating and annual water usage. Efficient eco machines can actually save you money as well as reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.

These machines aren’t just eco-friendly, they also represent great value and boast of lots of additional useful features. You may find that they save you time, money and even reduce your carbon footprint.