Best Large Washing Machines

If you have a large family or find yourself doing neverending loads of washing, you may need a bigger machine. The most common washing machine drum capacities in the UK are 7kg or 8kg and it can be difficult to find larger options.

To help you find the machine that’s the right size for you we’ve tracked down all the large machines available and narrowed the selection to those that meet our strict criteria of quality, functionality, features, efficiency and value for money.

Each washing machine on this list has a drum capacity of between 9kg and 12kg. If you’re not sure what size you need, either take a close look at how much laundry you do over the course of a month, or compare your average load with these examples:


  • Four pairs of men’s jeans, twelve shirts and two large hoodies = 10kg
  • Twelve large bath towels = 10kg


  • Six pairs men’s jeans, six large bath towels, six shirts and one large hoodie = 12kg
  • Two double duvet covers, four pillowcases and two double fitted sheets, three pairs men’s jeans, six shirts and three large hoodies = 12kg

If you’re easily confused by the mass of features and program settings on modern machines, start by visiting our Guide to buying a washing machine. It will take you through each of the features you’re likely to find and help you decide which models are right for you.

In a hurry to know our overall top eco washing machine? We rank the LG FH4G1BCS2 as the best large washing machine in the UK. If you’re on a budget, we recommend the Samsung Ecobubble WW10N645RBW/EU.

Best Large Washing Machines UK

Looking for a washing machine that can handle big loads and help you keep up with family-size laundry? These are our five top picks.

No 1: LG FH4G1BCS2 – 12kgLG FH4G1BCS2 12kg Washing Machine- Best Large Washing Machine

LG FH4G1BCS2 Specification

Price (£) 999
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 11000
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 12
Special programmes Anti-allergy, Steam Function, TurboWash
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)60 x (D)56
LG FH4G1BCS2 12kg Machine
LG are known for their excellent washing machines but they’ve certainly gone an extra mile with this 12kg model. At its core is the 6 Motion Direct Drive motor that delivers power, spotless cleaning with minimal noise.

But what caught our attention first was the sleek design which includes a striking control panel. The white on black information looks stylish and is easy to understand.

You can choose from a heap of useful wash options including Steam Refresh and Allergy Care cycles for family members affected by allergies. There’s also a TurboWash programme when you need to get your laundry done quickly! It directly sprays water into your laundry to cut down wash and rinse time to just 49 minutes for a full load!

Elsewhere, you can connect the clever FH4G1BCS2 to the Wi-Fi and control it remotely via an enabled device. This is a perfect solution for days when you forget to press ‘start’ before leaving home.

Forgot to put a favourite shirt or jacket in with the original load? You don’t have to wait for the next load. The handy Pause & Add Item feature allows you to pause the ongoing cycle and throw in last-minute items hassle-free.

Capacity-wise the 12kg is more than enough for a big family or someone who has to wash a lot. Overall, most users applauded its smooth and quiet operation, super cleaning efficiency and advanced technology.

Buy the LG FH4G1BCS2

No 2: Siemens WM14U940GB – 10kgSiemens WM14U940GB 10kg Washing Machine

Siemens WM14U940GB Specification

Price (£) 1099
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 11600
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 10
Special programmes Easy Care, Wollens Hand Wash, Anti-crease
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)60 x (D)63
Siemens WM14U940GB 10kg Washing Machine
At first glance, this 10kg Siemens resembles the LG model above. But while they share some similarities, several unique aspects set it apart.

Like the FH4G1BCS2, it has a 1400rpm variable spin speed and the best possible A+++ energy efficiency rating. Where it excels is with the extra tech features!

Its revolutionary sensoFresh system uses active oxygen to rid your clothes of all major forms of germs and odours. Siemens also partners with Amazon Alexa to add voice control to this model. Need to choose a cycle without touching anything? Speak to your washer and watch the magic happen!

A couple of other features to love about the WM14U940GB include remote control and monitoring and the clever waterPerfect Plus water management system. The latter maximises water efficiency by detecting the type and size of load and determining precisely how much water is needed to achieve the perfect wash.

There are 18 wash programmes to choose from, but the outdoor cycle caught our eye more! It’s specially designed for cleaning and protecting sensitive waterproof fabrics including sports and all-weather clothing.

The stain removal programme is another exciting one as it effectively deals with at least 16 known stains by the push of a button. No more manual or chemical pre-treatment needed to remove stubborn stains like red wine or grass on your kid’s PE kits!

Water and energy usage is a little higher at an estimated 11600 litres and 143kWh annually. But apart from this drawback, we think it’s a powerful machine with a reassuring 10-year guarantee on the motor.

Buy the Siemens WM14U940GB

No 3: Siemens iQ700 WM14YH89GB – 9kgSiemens iQ700 WM14YH89GB 9kg Washing Machine - Best Large Washing Machines

Siemens iQ700 WM14YH89GB Specification

Price (£) 1089
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 11220
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 9
Special programmes Easy Care Plus, Textile Guard Re-proofing, Drum Clean
Dimensions (cm) (H)84.8 x (W)59.8 x (D)59
Siemens iQ700 WM14YH89GB 9kg Washing Machine
Siemens makes another appearance in our select list of best large washing machines with its iQ700 WM14YH89GB model. Again, there are many similarities between the two siblings, so why would you want to buy this instead of WM14U940GB?

First up, you will be getting a premium looking washer with an energy efficiency class of A+++ and a generous 1400rpm spin speed. The result is minimal strain on your power bills whilst your laundry takes less time in the tumble dryer or on the clothesline.

Its standout feature is the i-Dos automatic dosing technology, an integrated precision dispensing system that measures exactly how much fabric softener and detergent your cycle needs. This is based on factors such as load type and size, degree of soiling and water hardness. No more worrying about your favourite blouse or jacket getting damaged due to incorrect dosage. The tech is a water and energy saviour too!

As with WM14U940GB, Siemens uses the super-efficient and brushless iQdrive motor that lowers the washer’s overall energy consumption and runs virtually free from typical wear and tear. You also get a whopping 10-year guarantee on it!

I was surprised to find that the Quick Wash function is so lengthy at 30 minutes. Still, for its energy and water efficiency and a wide choice of wash programmes, the WM14U940GB.

Buy the Siemens iQ700 WM14YH89GB

No 4: John Lewis JLWM1607  – 9kgJohn Lewis JLWM1607 9kg Washing Machine - Best Large Washing Machines

John Lewis JLWM1607 Specification

Price (£) 629
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 11000
Spin speed (rpm) 1600
Load capacity (kg) 9
Special programmes Delicate Wash, Quick Wash, Steam Refresh
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)60 x (D)66
John Lewis JLWM1607 9kg Washing Machine
If you can’t quite stretch the budget to the three high-end washing machines above, consider this slightly lower spec option that offers nearly the same wash results and resource efficiency.

With a substantial 9kg load capacity and rated A+++ for energy efficiency, it’s more than enough for most average families.

The headline feature is its fast 1600rpm spin speed – the best in all of the five washers we’ve reviewed here! While this makes it noisier than its 1400rpm counterparts, the extra speed significantly cuts down drying times for heavier items like towels and denim.

We’re also keen on the comprehensive selection of wash programmes which includes the delicates and steam refresh options. The former is particularly useful when you want to care for your treasured garments such as that silk blouse or lingerie which you’d otherwise have to hand wash.

The steam refresh cycle minimises the need to iron your clothes by restoring them with vapour. This helps them retain their texture and shape for longer.

A couple more features you’ll probably love about JLWM1607 are the 24-hour time delay to help you take advantage of Economy 7 style electricity rates and also free up your schedule. There’s also a stylish LCD console which makes it easy to track time remaining.

Some users have complained that cotton programmes are quite lengthy. Other than that, this is a solid choice if you’re looking for a family-size washing machine that offers a sweet spot between affordability, efficiency and functions.

Buy the John Lewis JLWM1607

Best Budget: Samsung Ecobubble WW10N645RBW/EU – 10kgSamsung Ecobubble WW10N645RBW/EU 10kg Washing Machine - Best Budget Large Washing Machine

Samsung Ecobubble WW10N645RBW/EU Specification

Price (£) 499
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 11000
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 10
Special programmes Eco Drum Clean+, Quick Wash, Wool
Dimensions (cm) (H)85 x (W)60 x (D)60
Samsung Ecobubble WW10N645RBW/EU 10kg Washing Machine
The ecoBubble range of Samsung washing machines deserves the high praise they get because there’s an awful lot to like about them. Slick design, cool tech features, impressive energy and water efficiency and near-silent operation. Some like the WW10N645RBW are also very affordably priced too!

With a 10kg drum, this freestanding model is about the perfect size for most families. This capacity coupled with its large porthole also makes it ideal for washing larger items such as heavy towels and duvets.

In terms of washing performance, WW10N645RBW is an excellent performer that uses the award-winning ecoBubble technology. This feature produces bubbles to help detergents and water penetrate fabrics better for more effective cleaning results.

There are 14 wash programmes to choose from including an outdoor care cycle, a 15-minute quick wash and a super speed wash which cuts a standard 5kg wash to less than an hour!

Its 1400rpm spin speed ensures only 44% of water is left after spinning. This is very impressive given that many washers are closer to 50%!

On the economy, the WW10N645RBW is quite frugal using just 142kWh per year to set you back just £22 on a 15.4p/h on average.

Our only annoyance is that it lacks the anti-allergy cycle which is pretty standard these days. Also, with a depth of 60cm you might struggle to find a space for it if you have a smaller house.

Still, many users love how easy it is to use this model and its generous 5-year warranty!

Buy the Samsung Ecobubble WW10N645RBW/EU


Overloading a washing machine prevents the detergent from distributing evenly and destabilises the drum. The results can be partially washed clothes, quicker wear and tear on the machine and poor energy efficiency. This is why it’s so important to get a machine that’s large enough for all fo your families washing. Not to mention a larger drum means fewer loads in the long run.