Best Slimline Washing Machines UK

Best Slimline Washing Machines

Slimline washers are an excellent fit for homes with limited space and small families with minimal laundry needs. There aren’t many of them in the UK market, so we had to dig deep to bring you five of the top-rated machines.

In a hurry to know our overall top slimline washing machine? We rank the Beko WTG641M3 as the best overall slimline washer in the UK. To skip to the review use the table of contents below.

What is a slimline washing machine?

Standard washers are typically 55-60cm deep whereas a slimline machine will never be deeper than 50cm.

As UK homes have continued to shrink these slimline models have become more popular. A 2018 study shows that houses are up 30% smaller than those built in the 1970s. This means space is at a premium for many households.

Slimline washers are meant to fit in very limited recesses whilst offering comparable performance to their bulkier and more space-consuming standard counterparts. This makes them ideal for studio apartments, condos, student accommodation, or any other type of homes with minimal space.

Why choose a slimline washing machine?

If yours is a small household of one or two people, you might benefit from using a slimline washer. Most of these machines come with small load capacities and consume less water and energy compared to their bigger counterparts. This makes them more suitable for families that produce less dirty laundry and are looking to reduce their annual utility bills.

Pros and cons of slimline machines


  • Many slimline washing machines are designed to be more eco-friendly, consuming less energy and water compared to their standard-sized counterparts. Some, like the Candy AQUA1042D1 model, use only about 6400 litres per year – a feat that’s near impossible to achieve when using bulkier washers. Also, if you go for a machine with a high energy rating of at least A+, you can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds each year in power bills.
  • Slimline washing machines are best suited to small households with less laundry. It makes little sense to acquire a bulky 12kg capacity washer when a more space-saving 7kg slimline is sufficient for the amount of laundry you do every week.


  • Due to their limited load capacities, slimline may not be the best options if you’re looking for a washer that can comfortably clean large items such as blankets and duvets.
  • The cost of buying a slimline may be high when compared to other models. Usually, this is due to the market being a relatively small one.

What to look for when buying a slimline machine?

Like anything else, the quality of slimline washers varies from one product to the next. To ensure that you find the right machine, here are four features to look for:

Drum size

How much load capacity you need is primarily dependent on how frequent you do your laundry and the size of your family. If you wash your clothes every day, a washer with as small as 3kg capacity will suit you. Conversely, if you wash for more than three people or regularly wash large items like bedding, a machine with a bigger drum size will be more appropriate.

Wash programmes

Buy a machine that can handle multiple types of fabrics and has a wide range of functions to make washing easier. Some of the useful programmes to look out for include quick wash, anti-allergy, delicate and cotton. You can go a step further and look for machines with extra features like automatic load balancing, Wi-Fi connectivity, delay timer and noise management features. These will of course bump the price up further.


How much water and power a slimline washing machine uses for standard cycles is another critical factor to consider when buying a washer. You want to buy a machine that is as efficient as possible to avoid increased utility bills. All models we have selected below have a minimum energy rating of A+. The annual water consumption rates for all of them are also quite reasonable.

Are slimline washing machines the same size?

The simple answer is no. As we mentioned earlier, these machines come with narrower depths (and sometimes widths) to enable them to fit into squeezed spaces. As you’ll find out in our reviews below, the depth can range from as low as 44cm to above 50cm.

Why is this important to know?

Well, you need to know these dimensions to be sure your preferred washing machine will fit inside the designated spot in your kitchen. Don’t forget to ensure that there’s also enough space left for connections, especially in the case of vented washers.

Best slimline washing machines in the UK

These are our picks of the top five slimline washing machines in the UK. Some of the key factors that guided our selections include dimensions, price, efficiency, drum size and programmes:

The No.1 Slimline Washing Machine: Beko WTG641M3

Beko WTG641M3 Slimline Washing Machine

Beko WTG641M3 model details

Price (£) 209
Energy rating A+++
Annual water usage (litres) 8799
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 6
Special features Quick Wash, Automatic Load Balancing, Child Lock
Dimensions (cm) H84 x W60 x D44
Beko WTG641M3 Slimline Washer
Looking to buy a washing machine that perfectly aligns with your small apartment’s needs? You won’t go wrong with the Beko WTG641M3 model. This freestanding slimline washer has a of a mere 45cm, making it perfect for narrow kitchens. But there’s more to love about this A+++ rated machine than just the size.

This model comes with a substantial 6kg drum capacity which will comfortably serve a small to mid-sized family with one or two muddy kids. Beko also packs enough intelligent features and functions to match any larger washing machine.

We like its digital display which allows you to track how much time is remaining on your wash. If you’re in a hurry, its quick programme is useful as it allows you to clean a full load in just 28 minutes. Want it even quicker? There is also a fast wash function which will clean a 2kg load in just 14 minutes. You can also choose to go with the fast + function that shortens cleaning times of standard cycles by up to 55%.

If you have sensitive skin or have a little one who you’d like to protect against common rashes the WTG641M3’s hygienic wash feature ensures the drum is free of dander, debris, and excessive foam. There is a hand wash programme too to help keep your delicate fabrics soft and crease-free.

Efficiency is the main strength of this machine. It has an excellent A+++ energy rating and the WTG641M3 model comes with an intuitive feature for reducing water usage when cleaning half or smaller loads.

Buy the Beko WTG641M3

No 2: Indesit EWSD61252W

Indesit EWSD61252W Slimline Washing Machine

Indesit EWSD61252W model details

Price (£) 199
Energy rating A++
Annual water usage (litres) 8400
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Load capacity (kg) 6
Special features Push & Wash Function, Water Balance Plus Sensor, Delay Timer
Dimensions (cm) H89 x W64.5 x D48
Indesit EWSD61252W Slimline
Indesit, a leading Italian-based company that manufactures washing machines and other domestic appliances, recently released its EWSD61252W model. The machine’s front-loaded 6kg drum offers enough room for washing laundry for a family of two if you wash twice a week.

The low noise level is one of the biggest strengths of this washer, thanks to its ingenious proprietary motor and anti-vibration body design. If you’re looking to restore domestic tranquillity, this is a model you should consider. The anti-vibration feature also helps to enhance its stability when operating at high spin speeds.

Along with the stealthy silence, Indesit EWSD61252W incorporates a couple of useful features to boost energy and water efficiency. First on that list is the Water Balance Plus sensor that optimises water usage by ensuring only the necessary amount is used depending on load size and the selected cycle. There’s also the 9-hour delay timer function which lets you set your washer to operate during off-peak hours when electricity charges are lower or ready for when you get home from work.

Another standout feature of the WLK24269IN model is the special sports cycle programme. Stash your dirty leisurewear and sports shoes in the drum and have them cleaned and ready within 45 minutes.

Other notable programmes include anti-odour, delicate, 30-minute fast wash, auto clean and technical wear.

If you’re looking for a slimline washing machine that’s tough on stains and operates with little fuss, the A++ rated 1200rpm Indesit EWSD61252W is the real deal!

Buy Indesit EWSD61252W

No 3: Hotpoint Aquarius WMTF722H

Hotpoint Aquarius WMTF722H Slimline Washing Machine

Hotpoint Aquarius WMTF722H model details

Price (£) 378
Energy rating A++
Annual water usage (litres) 9200
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Load capacity (kg) 7
Special features Quick Wash, Mixed Load, Baby Cycle EcoWash
Dimensions (cm) H90 x W40 x D60
Hotpoint Aquarius WMTF722H
If you’re truly short of space but still need a washing machine that offers excellent value for money, we highly recommend the Hotpoint Aquarius WMTF722H model. At just 40cm wide, you can fit this intelligently designed washer in any nook or cranny in your kitchen. And if you’re tired of bending over when loading your washer, you’ll be pleased to know that this machine is a top loader. Its 90cm height and top-loading capacity makes it suitable for people who may be more restricted with their mobility.

The Aquarius WMTF722H is super-efficient, both on water and electricity usage. It has an A++ energy rating across the board while its annual water usage stands at 9200 litres, quite reasonable for a washer its size. And that’s not all; you can choose from one of its multiple eco-wash programmes to use even less water and power.

Impressively, this machine packs a whopping 18 wash programmes. If you find yourself needing to do an emergency wash, the hassle-free rapid cycle helps you clean lightly soiled garments in just 15 minutes. There are also options for delicates, baby clothes, synthetics, mixed washing cycles, cotton and wool.

The Aquarius WMTF722H model comes with a modest 7kg drum capacity that will suit a small family of 2-3 people. Its 1200rpm spin speed ensures that your laundry is ready for the tumbler dryer. This model measures H90cm x W40cm x D60cm and is available at a fantastic price.

Buy Hotpoint Aquarius WMTF722H

No 4: Zanussi ZWC1301

Zanussi ZWC1301 Slimline Washing Machine

Zanussi ZWC1301 model details

Price (£) 408
Energy rating A
Annual water usage (litres) 7800
Spin speed (rpm) 1300
Load capacity (kg) 3
Special features Quick Wash, Auto Half Load Function, Delay Timer
Dimensions (cm) H67 x W49.5 x D51.5
Zanussi ZWC1301
The Zanussi ZWC1301 is the perfect fit if you live in a flat and don’t want to disturb your neighbours on the floor below. Besides having a petite frame that fits in tight spaces, this slimline machine is also among the quietest you’ll find on the market today.

The ZWC1301’s modest 3kg load capacity makes it a great choice for single-person households or small families that do their laundry daily. But don’t let the limited capacity fool you, this high-performance freestanding washing machine packs quite a punch.

One of ZWC1301’s standout features is its fast 1300rpm spin speed that delivers spotless results. Couple this with the choice of 15 wash programmes and you’ll see why this machine is rated so highly.

The super handy delay timer allows you to take back control and fit cleaning around your schedule. Other features include the delicate function which gives your expensive clothes the special treatment they deserve, while the pre-wash feature makes it easier for you to get rid of all stubborn stains. Other notable programmes include wool, cotton, handwash, easy iron, quick wash and variable temperature.

The Zanussi ZWC1301 slimline machine is rated with A for energy efficiency and measures H67cm x W49.5cm x D51.5cm.

Buy Zanussi ZWC1301

No 5: Candy AQUA1042D1

Candy AQUA 1042D1 Slim Washer

Candy AQUA1042D1 model details

Price (£) 418
Energy rating A+
Annual water usage (litres) 6400
Spin speed (rpm) 1000
Load capacity (kg) 4
Special features Quick Wash, Automatic Consumption Adjustment, Delay Start
Dimensions (cm) H70 x W51 x D44
Candy AQUA1042D1 Slimline Washer
Finally on our list of best slimline washing machines is the Candy AQUA1042D1 model. Perfect if you live alone or with a partner and are looking for a space-saving washer for your small apartment. This front-loading, freestanding machine with a 4kg drum capacity is another to add to your list for consideration.

The feature that caught our eye is its incredible water efficiency. You won’t find many washers that consume less than its 6400 litres per year. The machine’s 1000rpm spin speed is also good whilst not spectacular if you’re looking for shorter dry cycles.

When it comes to programmes and functions, Candy AQUA1042D1 doesn’t disappoint. For starters, you can choose from over 15 programmes, including the 14, 30 and 59-minute quick washes for those mornings you want to do some cleaning before heading out for work. Also, thanks to its 23-hour delay start function, you can schedule your laundry at a more convenient time, perhaps when you’re sleeping or during off-peak hours to save on utility bills.

Other exciting features worth checking out include cotton, economy wash, dark wash, mixed load, allergy care rinse and denim programmes.

The machine’s A+ energy rating means you don’t need to worry about your bills getting out of hand. As if that is not enough, its automatic consumption adjustment feature weighs your laundry and adjusts the cycle time to save on water and electricity.

If you’re looking for a slim washing machine that can fit anywhere in the kitchen, whether that’s in the cabinets, under the sink or inside the cupboard, the H70cm x W51cm x D44cm Candy AQUA1042D1 washing machine is an ideal choice.

Buy Candy AQUA1042D1


The slimline washing machine market in the UK is quite narrow, and this means anyone can struggle to find a machine that combines the appropriate dimensions, features, and budget. Having the right slimline washer will ensure you never dread those laundry days again whilst also helping you save money and time. As such, take your time and have clear goals of what your ideal washer looks like to get a functional machine that serves you for many years to come.