Best Small Washing Machines

If you’re in the market for a small washing machine, this guide is for you! Small washing machines are great if you’re short of space or have a small family.

In the UK, washing machines that are small in size and capacity can be hard to find. Finding a good one can be even trickier. After searching exhaustively for the best options available in the UK, we settled for five top-rated machines with load capacities ranging from 3-6kgs.

To assist you in your choice let’s take a detailed look at what they have to offer and what they may be lacking.

If you’re in a hurry, we recommend you check out the Russell Hobbs RH612WM1W model – our overall top small washing machine in the UK. You can jump to this section by clicking its entry in the table of contents below.

What is a small washing machine?

There are several definitions for small washing machines. After all, what I consider small could be big for you, right? At Washing Wizard, we qualify a washing machine to be small if its load capacity is 3-6kg or smaller.

These machines are designed for small households of 1-3 people. Also, they’re best suited for homes where space is limited given their small frames which allow them to fit in more compact spaces. The 3kg and 5kg capacity machines are the rarest to find. On the other hand, there’s a big pool of 6kg machines to choose from. Indeed, it’s no coincidence that 3 out of 5 of those selected here fall into this category.

If you’re not sure about which size of machine best suits your needs, here’s how to estimate the size of your average load of washing:

1kg of laundry = 5 shirts OR 1 shirt + 1 pair of denim OR 2 bath towels

Using this estimate:

  • 3kg washing machines can hold 15 shirts OR 3 shirts + 3 pairs of denim OR 6 bath towels
  • 4kg washing machines can wash 20 shirts OR 4 shirts + 4 pairs of denim OR 8 bath towels
  • 6kg washing machines can clean 30 shirts OR 6 shirts + 6 pairs of denim OR a dozen bath towels

The physical size and weight of these machines may also differ slightly from each other based on the load capacity. Expect a 6kg to occupy a bit more space and weigh heavier than a 3kg machine. Washing machines with bigger capacities are also likely to have more features and programmes than their smaller siblings.

Why choose a small washing machine?

When space is in short supply and laundry has to be done, a small washing machine can be the perfect solution. Small homes such as condominiums, vacation getaways, and studio apartments often lack a dedicated laundry area or ample space to accommodate full-sized washing machines. This is where their smaller alternatives come in.

The following are five reasons you might want to go for a small washing machine.

1. Space Saving

Most small washing machines are the size of an average dishwasher, which means they can fit in tiny spaces quite seamlessly. This explains why their rising popularity among apartment dwellers and owners of other smaller homes.

2. Affordability

The vast majority of small washing machines are cheaper to buy than traditional washers. They’re also generally more efficient and will help you save a lot of money in utility bills in the long run.

3. Suited to small families

The most common size of households in the UK is two people, while the second most common is one person. Such small homes have less laundry, meaning a small size washing machine is a more pragmatic acquisition for them.

4. Energy saving

Most small washing machines are designed to consume less energy. Even then, be sure to check the energy rating label and only go for those with high ratings – preferably A+++. It will save you money down the road.

5. Stackable

Are you looking for ways to save floor space in your jampacked home? How about stacking your small washing machine on top of other machines like a dryer. However, you’ll need to consider a few factors, including your height, the height of the ceiling and whether your machine is a front or top loader.

The disadvantages of a small washing machine

Like anything else, small washing machines, despite offering multiple benefits as we’ve seen earlier, come with their fair share of downsides.

1. Not suited to large families

Do you have a mid-sized or large household of four or more people? A small washing machine will likely not cut it for you. Chances are you pile up a ton of laundry every week, and this could be more than the recommended capacity the machine can wash.

2. Washing large items

Yours could be a small household of 1-2 people, but if you want to wash large items like bed sheets, blankets and duvets, a small washing machine might not help much. For example, a king-size duvet is best washed in a 9kg-13kg washer, while the smallest washing machine has a capacity of only 3kg.

If you’re reconsidering your decision to buy a small machine, check out our guide on the best integrated washing machines in the UK. These come with bigger capacities whilst still offering you huge savings both in space and energy.

What to look for when buying a small machine?

When buying a small washing machine, you should be guided by several factors to ensure your choice suits your unique needs and preferences. Here are four essential features you can’t afford to ignore.

Front or top loader?

When buying a small washing machine, you can choose between a top loader and a front loader. Front loaders generally consume less energy and water than their top loading equivalents. However, they’re more expensive and have a shorter life span.

On the other hand, top loaders are gentler on fabrics and therefore slow down wear and tear on clothes. The best small size washing machines are top loaders.


Power bills are every washing machine user’s biggest worry. When shopping for your washer, be sure to look at its energy efficiency class. A+++ is the most energy-efficient while G is the least. A small machine with an A+++ label will be more expensive than its G-rated equivalent. But the energy savings you’ll get with the former in the long run will be worth more than the extra price you paid for it.


Yes, you’re buying a small washing machine, but that doesn’t mean it should be too small to do any good. Take some time to ensure that the machine you’re about to buy matches the amount of washing you usually need to wash.

Special features

Just because you’re going for a small washing machine doesn’t mean you should compromise on the performance. Most of these machines pack just as many top of the range features as their bigger siblings including:

  • Quick wash – a useful feature that helps you wash your not-so-dirty clothes for between 14-30 minutes.
  • Child lock – a safety feature meant for households with small children. It prevents them from opening the drum or changing programmes mid-cycle.
  • Load balancing – most advanced small washing machines can automatically detect the size of the load and control the amount of water, detergent and time needed to wash them clean.

No 1: Russell Hobbs RH612WM1W

Russell Hobbs RH612WM1W model details

Price (£) 270
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 9900
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Load Capacity (kg) 6
Special programmes Quick Wash Program, Overflow & Foam Protection, Child Lock
Dimensions (cm) H84.5 x W59.7 x D49.7


The Russell Hobbs RH612WM1W
Looking to buy a washing machine but space limitations and a lack of funds are holding you back? The RH612WM1W model by Russell Hobbs is a small and affordable washing machine that can help to reduce your trips to the laundrette. This sleek-looking machine also packs a lot of punch despite its petite size.

For starters, it’s among the roomiest we found; use it to wash up to 30 of your favourite T-shirts or one single duvet in a full load.

On energy efficiency, Russell Hobbs has clearly put in a lot of work to ensure this machine saves you hundreds of pounds on annual utility bills, while also lowering your carbon footprint. The RH612WM1W model is rated A+++, meaning it consumes approximately 30% less energy than “A” rated appliances.

We also love that this machine packs multiple intelligent features including a whopping 15 programmes to help you tailor wash cycles to your unique laundry needs. The Quick Wash function allows you to wash your near-clean garments in 30 minutes. And if you’re cleaning sensitive items for your little one, the Baby Wear Cycle produces a gentle wash and extra rinsing steps to maintain the integrity and texture of the fabric.

Other programmes you’ll love in this washing machine include the Sportwear Wash for cleaning sports paraphernalia and Woollen Cycle for cleaning your woollen items. Intuitive features such as delayed start, cold fill and variable temperature will also come in handy.

Russell Hobs has also invested significantly in the safety of this model. Its Child Lock Safety function prevents your little ones from changing a programme or opening the door mid-cycle. Finally, the machine’s Overflow and Foam Protection feature is designed to prevent leakages.

This product measures H84.5 x W59.7 x D49.7 cm and it comes with a one-year warranty. You can even extend your warranty to a second year if you register your machine at

Buy the Russell Hobbs RH612WM1W

No 2: Beko WTG641M3W

Beko WTG641M3W model details

Price (£) 229
Energy rating A+++
Water usage (litres) 8799
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Load capacity (kg) 6
Special programmes Quick Wash, Anti Allergy, Drum Clean, Child Lock
Dimensions (cm) H84 x W60 x D44
The Beko WTG641M3W
You can’t talk of space-saving and affordable washing machines without mentioning the Beko Brand. The brand’s WTG641M3W model, which boasts spin speeds of 1400rpm and a 6kg load capacity, is a perfect example of what an efficient product with beautiful construction and design looks like. If your household can’t fill a large drum, Beko’s WTG641M3W model is a convenient choice.

The popularity of the WTG641M3W model has been soaring over the past few years in the UK. After some evaluations and research, we discovered a few interesting facts about it.

To begin with, this machine saves you loads of space, energy and water. With a depth of just 44cm, the model will fit into most tight spaces. If you’re wary of rising power bills, you’ll be happy to know that WTG641M3W consumes a paltry 152Kwh annually, thanks to its A+++ energy rating. On the other hand, its annual water consumption is 8799 litres which is pretty decent by all standards. Its intuitive “Automatic Water Level Control” feature auto-detects load sizes and reduces water usage accordingly.

Got some clothes you’d like to wash quickly before rushing out? Beko WTG641M3W has you covered. Its Quick Programme allows you to clean a full load in just 28 minutes. And if you need it even quicker, the Fast Wash function will wash loads of 2kg or less in only 14 minutes. Finally, the machine’s Fast + Function helps to shorten your cycle by up to 55% through temperature optimisation and increased drum movements.

For a fantastic price, you can grab Beko WTG641M3W 6kg washing machine and enjoy a combination of great convenience and multiple advanced tech features.

Buy the Beko WTG641M3W

No 3: LOGIK L612WM16

LOGIK L612WM16 model details

Price (£) 169
Energy rating A+
Water usage (litres) 9240
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Load Capacity (kg) 6
Special programmes Baby Care, Quick Wash, Child Lock
Dimensions (cm) H85.0 x W59.5 x D47.0
The LOGIK L612WM16
Do you live alone in a small apartment where every square foot counts? You might want to take a look at the LOGIK L612WM16 washing machine. This model boasts a space-saving design that can fit even in the tiniest of spaces in a home.

Besides, you’ll have plenty of useful features and programmes to choose from when using this popular model. One of its highlight features is the “Quick Wash” function that enables you to wash small loads in just 15 minutes.

But that’s not all. The LOGIK L612WM16 model gives you a maximum spin speed of 1200rpm to ensure clothes emerge dryer after each cycle. Its delayed timer allows you to set and control when the programmes will start, so you can go about your business or sleep knowing washing will go on without you doing anything else. Other wash programmes we liked in this machine included “Baby Care” and “Delicate for Cotton Intensive”.

This washing machine comes with an energy efficiency rating of A+ to help you save on energy and utility bills. It measures H85.0 x W59.5 x D47.0 cm.

Buy the LOGIK L612WM16

No 4: Candy AQUA1042D1

Candy AQUA1042D1 model details

Price (£) 418
Energy rating A+
Water usage (litres) 6400
Spin speed (rpm) 1000
Load Capacity (kg) 4
Special programmes Quick Wash, Auto Load Detection, Eco Mode
Dimensions (cm) H70 x W51 x D44 cm
The Candy AQUA1042D1
One of the most common complaints we hear about small washing machines is that they don’t have high spin speeds ideal for cleaning heavy items. The Candy AQUA1042D1 offers a variable speed of up to 1000 rpm, which is sufficient for washing bulky materials such as cotton-based towels and beddings.

With a 4kg loading capacity, this freestanding machine saves you about 50% space whilst still matching the features and performance of most traditional washing machines. Its compact size means you can squeeze it inside various kitchen spaces, including inside a cabinet or below the sink when not in use.

If you’re keen on keeping power bills low, you’ll love that the model comes with an A+ energy rating for an excellent economy. As if that’s not enough, Candy integrated an intelligent wash system that weighs loads and automatically adjusts the time, electricity and water needed to complete a cycle.

We were also impressed with the model’s quick wash functions which allows you to choose from a range of 14, 30 and 59 minutes. Its delayed start timer will come in handy if you prefer scheduling your wash cycles to complete when you’re at work, sleeping or running errands.

Other features to love about the Candy AQUA1042D1 model are the adjustable speed of the centrifuge to regulate the spin speed as well as the eco mode that helps you control the wash temperatures. This machine measures H70 x W51 xD44 cm and consumes a measly 6400 litres of water and 162kWh of energy annually.

Buy the Candy AQUA1042D1

No 5: Zanussi ZWC1301

Zanussi ZWC1301 model details

Price (£) 479
Energy rating A
Water usage (litres) 8580
Spin speed (rpm) 1300
Load Capacity (kg) 3
Special programmes Quick Wash, Auto Half Load Function, 24-Hour Delay Timer
Dimensions (cm) H67 x W49.5 x D51.5
The Zanussi ZWC1301
Zanussi, a renowned Italian brand, recently entered into the small washing machine space with its ZWC1301 model. The machine has the smallest size of all models we’ve reviewed here at H51.5 x W49.5 x D67. This means you can fit it in compact spaces such as in cupboards or under the sink and counters. We also found it to be a very quiet machine producing just 73db noise level during high spins and 53db noise level in low spins.

Its 3kg capacity can wash around 15 t-shirts at a time, and this makes it a suitable pick if you live alone or with a partner. A spin speed of 1300rpm is pretty impressive for a machine this size while its class A energy efficiency rating will mean you won’t need to worry much about utility bills going up. Indeed, with an average usage of 125Kwh of electricity and 8,580 litres of water annually, this front loader is among the most efficient small washing machines around.

Now let’s have a look at the unique features that set Zanussi ZWC1301 apart from the competition. For starters, it comes with 15 standard programmes that complement its modern design and look.

Want to clean a small portion of your laundry to finish off your work week? Just throw the selected items into the drum and leave Zanussi ZWC1301 to do the rest. The machine’s auto half load function will control the amount of water and energy required depending on the load size. And if you want to pre-set a programme cycle for later cleaning, the 24-hour delayed timer ensures you can do your laundry any time you feel like.

Buy the Zanussi ZWC1301


Finding a small washing machine that suits your available space, budget and laundry needs can be a challenge for anyone. Remember to think carefully about what you need before making your choice. Having a clear idea of what you’re looking for will help you get a great deal and a machine that’ll last for many years to come.