Best washer dryers UK

Best Washer Dryers

Are you struggling to choose between a washer dryer combo and a standalone washer and dryer? This article will help to solve your dilemma. Discover why you might need combination washer dryers and the essential features to look for when buying one. Finally, choose the most suitable combo for your household from our top five picks.

If you’re in a hurry, our recommendation for the best washer dryer combo in the UK is the LG V9 FWV996WTS model. Select it from the table of contents below to skip to the review.

What is a washer dryer?

As the name implies, this appliance combines a washing machine and a dryer in a single cabinet. Typically, it does all the work that standalone washers and dryers do but with the advantage of reduced footprint and sometimes energy consumption.

If you’re also looking for a convenient way to do your laundry with minimal intervention on your part, a washer dryer is worth considering. You can put your dirty clothes in when retiring to bed knowing that you’ll wake up to clean, dry and ready wear for the new working day. No need to move your laundry between appliances or hang it out to air dry. That right there is the magic of combination washer dryers!

Why choose a washer dryer combo?

Washer dryer combos offer several unique features that make them a better choice than two separate units:

Space saving

If you live in a flat or a small home, chances are you won’t have space for both a washing machine and a tumble dryer. A combined washer dryer naturally takes half the space whilst doing the job of both appliances.


You won’t need to transfer piles of wet clothes manually from one machine to the next. Simply load your dirty clothes into the unit, set a timer and come back to find clean, dry clothes. What’s more, they often come with a wide range of features allowing for specific programs to precisely match each load.

Eco friendly

Many modern washer dryer combos use only slightly more power than a single washing machine. Those that have been awarded an A or A+ rating by the Energy Saving Trust are more likely to help you reduce your overall water and power use.

Easy installation

Unlike standard tumbler dryers, most combination washer dryers do not need to be vented. Moisture from the drying process is condensed and then directed strain into the drain that is fitted to remove wastewater. This means that there is no need for extra installation or to find some where to put the large, annoying vent hose.

Pros and cons of washer dryers


  • Enjoy two laundry functions in one unit
  • No need to manually transport the clothes from one machine to another
  • The washer and dryer functions can work independently of each other
  • The costs of buying and running this appliance are often lower than having two standalone machines


  • Some inefficient washer dryer machines use a lot of power especially in the drying cycle
  • Load capacity for some dryers is quite limited compared to that of a standalone dryer

What should I look for when buying a washer dryer?

Not all washer dryers are built to the same standards, to ensure that you find the right one for you it’s essential to make yourself familiar with the fine details:

Safety features

Washer dryers can be supplied with several functions that will give you peace of mind if you have a house full of children or pets. Look out for door locks and child locks that prevent them from fiddling with the controls. Other useful safety features can help prevent leaks and often include an automatic overflow feature.

Multiple wash programmes

Look for a machine that incorporates numerous settings as this possibly means more functionality and diversity in the types of laundry it can handle. For example, some washer dryers come with programmes for cleaning duvets, cotton, silk and delicates.

Load capacity

A common mistake made by many washer dryer users is to either overfill or under-fill the drum. Overfilling can result in your clothes not getting s thorough clean and under-filling often leads to a waste of both water and energy. The best way to avoid this is to get a machine with a drum capacity that matches the size of your average load.

Spin speed

How fast your machine rotates determines how long your dryer takes to remove water from the laundry after a wash cycle. The best washer dryer combos come with spin speed ranges of 1000-1600 rpm. The higher, the better. On the other hand, speedier machines will often generate higher noises and consume more energy.

Other details you might want to consider include:

  • A wrinkle release or refresh function to help you quickly straighten your clothes
  • A moisture sensor to automatically adjust the drying time
  • Steam function for effective removal of stains and wrinkles
  • A Wi-Fi connection to help you control your machine remotely

Top 5 best washer dryers in the UK

These are our picks of top five washer dryers available in the UK, based on factors such as price, energy and water efficiency, programmes, drum size and dimensions:

The No.1 Best Washer Dryer Combo: LG V9 FWV996WTS

Best Washer Dryers LGV9

LG V9 FWV996WTS model details

Price (£) 800
Energy rating A
Water usage (litres) 33000
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Wash capacity (kg) 9
Drying capacity (kg) 6
Quick wash (min) 14
Special programmes Anti-allergy programme, SmartThinQ, Steam+ technology
Dimensions (cm) H85.0 x W60.0 x D55.0
The LG V9 FWV996WTS is a spacious washer dryer that stacks plenty of features that will particularly excite those of you who are tech-savvy. For starters, it comes with SmartThinQ, a WiFi-enabled technology that enables you to control your laundry right from your smartphone. You can also use this tech to access the latest innovations and new cycle settings that LG may release in the future.

This gentle giant with 9kg wash capacity and 6kg drying capacity is roomy enough to wash and dry oversized loads like duvets and bed sheets. We also like that it packs several intelligent features that make removing stubborn stains from your laundry hassle-free. Another handy feature is the Steam + technology which gets rid of up to 99% of allergies.

Want to do some cleaning before heading to work? Stash the clothes in the drum and activate V9’s TurboWash 360 technology. This function uses an ingenious jet to spray water to the spinning clothes, cutting the cleaning time to just 39 minutes. Also, look out for the aiDD technology that auto-detects the weight and type of fabric to adjusts the settings and ensure your garments are cleaned in the perfect conditions.

There’s so much to say about this front-loader, but we’ll save time to talk about its efficiency. The machine is rated with A for both energy efficiency and wash performance. Finally, you’ll love its quiet nature and easiness of use despite its numerous programmes and features.

Buy the LG V9 FWV996WTS

No 2: Bosch WDU28560GB

Best washer dryers Bosch WDU

Bosch WDU28560GB model details

Price (£) 847
Energy rating A
Water usage (litres) 25000
Spin speed (rpm) 1400
Wash capacity (kg) 10
Drying capacity (kg) 6
Quick wash (min) 15
Special programmes Silk, Allergy+, Night Dry, HygieneCare
Dimensions (cm) H84.9 x W59.8 x D62
The Bosch WDU28560GB
Finding a washer-dryer that suits the unique needs of a large household whilst ticking several other boxes like affordability and functionality can be quite challenging. That is until you meet the Bosch WDU28560GB model.

The machine’s huge 10kg washing and 6kg drying capacities offer you ample room to clean even the bulkiest of loads. While its price is on the higher end compared to the four other washer dryers we’ve reviewed here, its superior features make it worth the money.

To begin with, Bosch WDU28560GB is rated with A for energy efficiency, meaning it will be kind on your pocket when it comes to utility bills. We also like its large and nicely laid out LED display panel that offers a clear view of the programme status, spin speed, temperature and remaining time.

To ensure your delicate fabric is well taken care of, Bosch included in this model a few useful programmes including Easy-Care, Cotton, Wool/Handwash and Delicate/Silk. Another function to love about WDU28560GB is the Super Quick 15 wash that requires only 20 minutes to clean your garments when you’re pressed for time. The EcoSilence Drive is designed to help this washer dryer operate quietly even at high spin speed and also improves its durability.

Bosch also does a great job of ensuring the WDU28560GB model remains energy efficient even with its big capacity and multiple programmes. Its innovative AutoDry feature uses special sensors inside the drum to measure moisture levels and automatically stop the drying cycle when your laundry is ready. The 3D AquaSpa wash system is another brilliant addition that improves water penetration into the clothes for faster cycles.

Bosch WDU28560GB is your ideal freestanding washer dryer if you’re looking for a machine capable of serving big households without breaking down or consuming too much power and water.

Buy the Bosch WDU28560GB

No 3: John Lewis JLWD1614

Best washer dryers John Lewis

John Lewis JLWD1614 model details

Price (£) 679
Energy rating A
Water usage (litres) 19940
Spin speed (rpm) 1600
Wash capacity (kg) 8
Drying capacity (kg) 4
Quick wash (min) 20
Special programmes Overflow protection, automatic load adjustment, delay start
Dimensions (cm) H85.0 x W60.0 x D57.2
John Lewis JLWD1614
The JLWD1614 model by John Lewis is an A-rated energy efficient combination washer dryer that comes equipped with a sizeable 8kg wash and 4kg drying capacities. This makes it an excellent fit for a small family, possibly with a couple of grubby kids. The machine comes with a hefty 1600 rpm spin speed to make sure you don’t have to wait for hours on end for dry cycle to complete.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The model’s 14 wash and dry programmes are designed to make your laundry process as hassle-free as it can get. For starters, its wool and delicate programmes are recommended when you want to clean your favourite silk shirts or blouses. And if you’re in a hurry and need to get some laundry done quickly, the 20-minute wash is your best friend!

Keen on lowering your power bills? Start by activating JLWD1614’s delayed start option to set the washer dryer to begin during off-peak energy hours. Besides, you can use its sensor drying function that automatically detects when your clothes are dry so it can halt operations.

This popular freestanding front loading washer dryer measures H85 x W60 x D57.2 cm and consumes 19940 litres of water annually based on standard usage.

Buy the John Lewis JLWD1614

No 4: Miele WTH120WPM

Best washer dryers miele

Miele WTH120WPM model details

Price (£) 1929
Energy rating A
Water usage (litres) 17380
Spin speed (rpm) 1600
Wash capacity (kg) 7
Drying capacity (kg) 4
Quick wash (min) 20
Special programmes CapDosing, SteamCare, TwinDos, PerfectDry
Dimensions (cm) H85.0 x W60.0 x D63.7
The Miele WTH120WPM
During our market research for the best washer dryers in the UK, no model came close to Miele WTH120WPM on water and energy efficiency. Besides the washer dryer’s impressive ‘A’ energy rating, our assessment showed that it uses only 4.48kWh of electricity and 79 litres of water for a full cycle of washing, spinning and drying! Couple this with its fast spin speed of 1600 rpm and you’re looking at a machine that delivers swift wash and drying whilst saving you hundreds of pounds in annual utility bills.

One of Miele WTH120WPM’s highlight features is its patented honeycomb drum that helps to protect your clothes from excessive wear and tear. And that’s not even all. The washer dryer’s TwinDos system together with the CapDosing programme help to dispense detergents and fabric conditioners in the right amounts depending on the load size or soiling level. All you need here is to throw your clothes inside the drum, activate the two functions and watch as the magic unravels.

As for the programmes, you might need to keep your manual close to understand what some of the machine’s programmes are designed for. A few that we liked for the wash cycle are quick power wash, denim cycle, delicate and dark garments. On the other hand, the drying cycle features nearly all programmes available in the wash cycle plus others like woollen, proofing, outerwear, trainers, sportswear and cotton hygiene.

Miele WTH120WPM consumes approximately 176kWh annually which is pretty decent for its size. It measures H85 x W60 x D63.7 cm.

Buy the Miele WTH120WPM

Best washer dryer under £400: Beko WDIX7523000

Best washer dryers beko

Beko WDIX7523000 model details

Price (£) 399
Energy rating B
Water Usage (litres) 15000
Spin speed (rpm) 1200
Wash capacity (kg) 7
Drying capacity (kg) 5
Quick wash (min) 14
Special programmes Anti-allergy, woollen programme, child lock, ProSmart Inverter Motor
Dimensions (cm) H82.0 x W60.0 x D55.0
The Beko WDIX7523000
If you’re shopping on a budget but you’re not ready to give up on efficiency, we recommend you check out the Beko WDIX7523000. This highly-rated Turkish integrated washer dryer model goes for £399, which is a steal if you ask us. Its 7kg wash and 5kg dry load capacities make it suitable for small to mid-sized households.

First on this machine’s long list of features is the ProSmart Inventor Motor. Beko credits it for the model’s whisper-quiet operations as well as its reasonably decent energy efficiency. Its 1200 rpm spin speed will help to speed up drying as the machine can squeeze out most water from your laundry during the wash cycle.

The WDIX7523000 washer dryer also comes with an assortment of handy wash and dry programmes. We particularly like its quick wash setting that cleans a full 7kg load in just 28 minutes. Don’t have the patience to wait that long? You can halve the time to just 14 minutes with the Fast Wash programme; the only catch being you can only clean small loads of 2kg max.

Another function you’ll possibly find useful is the anti-allergy wash & dry programme that leaves your fabrics free of dander, pollen and bacteria. Finally, the child safety lock will prove helpful if you have adventurous little ones that won’t listen to your warnings to stop interfering with the tempting control panel.

The only major blemish we found on Beko WDIX7523000 is its ‘B’ energy rating which is the worst of all the five washer dryers in this guide. Other than that, this fairly-priced machine is well worth considering!

Buy the Beko WDIX7523000


The demand for washer dryers continues to rise in the UK, as a result, more manufacturers have spent time on improving their functionality and efficiency. The right washer dryer has the potential to be a game changer for your laundry habits can save you space, time and money. Getting a model that is the best match for your needs will result in a device that could last you for many years, so it’s well worth taking your time to make the best choice.